FeatureCat 101

A short summary of FeatureCat and its most important functions.

What is FeatureCat?

FeatureCat is a tool for user feedback collection and feature management.

The former comes with a variety of ways to collect feedback from your users, predominantly through a public website (โ€˜public boardโ€™) you can integrate into your app or product. Users can then vote on features, leave comments, or suggest new ideas.

Products, features, artifacts, users

The feature management is available for you and your team via the FeatureCat app (and not visible to users) and allows you to organize features planned for your product. FeatureCat is structured with four main entities:

  1. Products are at the root. All features, artifacts and users always belong to a product. Products have public feedback boards you can integrate into your app. So a product usually represents an app you want to collect feedback for.
  2. Features are what FeatureCat is all about. Features are how you can organize your product development, and users can vote on features on the public feedback boards.
  3. Artifacts are individual requirements that belong to a feature. Think of it as atomic pieces of information, which in combination with other artifacts make up all the things that characterize a feature. These might be user suggestions, design inspirations, requirements from stakeholders - whatever you need. New user suggestions are created as artifacts and can be assigned to existing features, or form the basis for new features.
  4. Users are users of your product (or app). They are automatically created once a user visits the feedback board. You can attach whatever information you like to users to help you segment their votes and submissions.

You can follow up on all of these right here in the docs, or always send us an email at [email protected] and weโ€™ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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