Team 101

How to manage your Team in FeatureCat

Building great products is (often) a team effort. FeatureCat allows you to invite your team members to your account to collaborate on your products and features.

An account team

Your team is always centered around your FeatureCat account, which has one dedicated owner. All entities, such as products and features, belong to your account. You can invite other users to your account to collaborate on your products and features.

Different plans in FeatureCat have different limits on the number of team members, some with limits as to how many team members can join a team. Depending on your plan, new members may be charged for.

Different roles

A FeatureCat account always has an owner, who has complete control over the account. There can only be one owner per account, but many more admins and members.

  • Owner: Can do all the things in the account, including changes to plans and billing
  • Admin: Can do most things in the account, including inviting new users
  • Member: Can do some things, including creating and editing features

See the table below for a full comparison of the different roles, focused on specific restrictions.

Owner Admin Member
Update the Account βœ… - -
Change Plans & Billing βœ… - -
Creating & Managing Products βœ… βœ… -
Managing the team (incl. admins & members) βœ… βœ… -
Collaborate on features and artifacts βœ… βœ… βœ…

How to invite users to your team

Go to Team Management to view and manage your team. You can invite new team members by entering their email address and selecting a role. Every new team member will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation.

New team members will by default have the role Member. You can change the role of a team member at any time.

To remove a team member, simply go to their page and click β€œDeactivate”. This will immediately revoke their access to your account. You can always reactivate a team member later.

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