Start collecting feedback

Learn how to quickly get started with integrating the public board into your app.

All about that feedback

FeatureCat is all about collecting user feedback and providing your customers with the best possible product. User feedback comes by way of the public feedback board for your app, where your apps’ users can vote on features and submit suggestions.

The public boards are publicly available at the specified domain (your chosen subdomain), but feature voting and submissions are only possible for authenticated users. You’ll need to integrate FeatureCat into your app to sign in and authenticate your apps’ users.

All that is required is passing a single identifier to FeatureCat, which we can use to identify the user. You can choose to use an existing ID (e.g. the user’s database UUID), or to create a new one specifically for FeatureCat. The important thing is it is always the same for a given user, since that’s how the user is identified in FeatureCat. That way all submissions and votes can be attributed to the same user, and the user can see their previous activity.

Of course you can attach a variety of additional information to your user, which will help you segment votes and submissions by user groups and better understand their requirements.

Instant sign-in

Depending on your app, there are two different ways to integrate FeatureCat:

  1. A simple POST request for a mobile app
    Configure a POST request in a couple lines of code and use the request for the web view, with which you integrate FeatureCat in your app
    Mobile app integration
  2. Use the FeatureCat Javascript SDK in a web app
    Embed the FeatureCat JS SDK (<2 KB) everywhere you link to the public feedback board from your web app, configure the user, and open the board with a single click
    Web app integration

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